Has what felt like true love faded? Did a wild night end with a permanent mark? Has you lifestyle changed? Do you simply not like your tattoo anymore? Do you need to make room for a new design that suits the person you are now?

The list of reasons someone wants to remove a tattoo is nearly as long as the one for getting that ink. As time passes we grow and develop, the tattoo that was perfect for us at one point, just may not suit who we are now. Thankfully tattoo’s don’t have to last a lifetime.

If you regret your ink. Rest easy, you are not alone.

According to various studies a good portion of people who have gotten tattoos regret them at some point in their life. If you want that ex off your back or maybe the color and shape have not held up. Do you want a fresh start for your next project. Laser tattoo removal may be for you.