Laser Tattoo Removal

We can only estimate the number of treatments it will take to completely remove the tattoo due to a variety of reasons. Amateur tattoos take about 1 - 4 treatments where professional ones take about 4 - 8 treatments per section of the tattoo.

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Affordable laser treatment

Cost of tat2removal will be a minimum of $ 35 to begin removing your tattoo. The total cost depends on the size and number of sessions needed.

Small Tattoo$ 35.00
per inch per session for inches 1-3

Medium Tattoo$ 25.00
per inch per session for inches 4-10

Large Tattoo$ 15.00
per inch per session for 11 inches and up

Ring Tattoo$ 35.00
Ring tattoos are $35 per session

Tear drops$ 25.00
Tear drops are $25 per session,

Amateur tattoos take 1-4 treatments, professional tattoos take 4-8 treatments.